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The Allergy Basics

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Get ready by learning the basics of allergies.

If you have allergies, then allergy relief is your goal. How will you successfully achieve this goal? By learning about allergies, understanding what causes your symptoms and taking preventative action!  An allergist can help you identify what allergens trigger your symptoms and with these triggers in mind, you can identify the best plan of action for your needs.  If you have indoor allergies, you may be able to reduce or eliminate exposure to allergens so that you significantly decrease or eliminate symptoms.  Any steps to decrease exposure will help as they will decrease the total amount of allergens that your body is coping with at that time (known as an allergen load).  If you can decrease your allergen load below your allergic threshold, where you begin to have symptoms, you can ward off allergy attacks.  The key to success is understanding what steps are most meaningful to decrease your allergen load and to focus on those areas.

Set: Understand these building blocks for allergies to find relief:

  • Allergens are the substances that trigger allergic reactions.
  • Although most people can easily be around these allergens, your body regards these substances as dangerous intruders and reacts to them with varying degrees of intensity.
  • People with indoor allergies are typically allergic to allergens from dust mites, pets and molds.
  • Decreasing your total exposure (allergen load) below your allergic threshold will ward off attacks.

Guard:   What’s Your Action Plan?

  • Take action against allergens at home by working with your physician to determine the most critical prevention steps. Use our helpful “Allergen Avoidance Action Plan” teaching tool to best identify these steps.

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