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Pet Dander – “For the Dogs”

Pet Dander

 Hypoallergenic Bedding Covers Mean Sweet Dreams for Animal Lovers Dogs and cats are wonderful companions and great for the soul.  Nearly 70 percent of Americans own pets, the most popular among them dogs and cats, of course. As many allergy sufferers can attest, the pet dander they produce can be hard on our health. Almost […]

Managing Allergies and Asthma in the Home

Allergies and asthma

Allergies and Asthma Management in the Home   What can be done to control allergies and asthma in your home?  What exactly is asthma anyway? Asthma is a chronic disease that makes it difficult for you to move air in and out of your lungs. This disease can be scary because left untreated, and it […]

Allergy Guardian Encasings: Care Instructions

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Allergy Guardian Encasings: Care Instructions Linens, blankets and other non-encased bedding items should be washed weekly in hot water or with an allergen-removing laundry product.  By contrast, encasings need only be washed once a year or when soiled. This recommendation is especially true for your mattress encasing, however, you may wish to wash pillow encasings […]