Allergy-free bedding encasements by allergy guardian bring night-time protection from allergens and/or bed bugs to a new level

Our allergy-free bedding is made to Cleanroom quality standards by a leading manufacturer of Cleanroom garments. This ensures allergy sufferers enjoy top quality protection when encasing their bed. Garments made for scientific Cleanroom labs must be made with superior quality and advanced fabrics in order to prevent contamination in controlled environments. The techniques used to make these garments are incorporated into the production of Allergy Guardian encasements.

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With Allergy Guardian encasings, you don’t have to sacrifice quality or break the budget to get superior protection. All of our encasings are made to exacting standards, with a unique extra barrier layer at the zipper to block allergens, double-stitched seams and extra-wide zipper openings for easy placement on the bed. We want you to be healthy and satisfied, and as the manufacturer, we deliver exceptional encasings at low prices to achieve that goal.

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ULTIMATE allergy-free bedding is the height of luxury and exclusively available from Allergy Guardian. The 100% natural cotton fibers feel wonderfully soft while wicking away moisture for total sleeping comfort. Simply stated, our ULTIMATE fabric delivers the cottony comfort you love, without sacrificing superior allergen and bed bug protection. Cleanroom standard construction methods and a 3.6 micron pore size protect you from dust mites, pet dander and bed bugs. Although competitively-priced, all cotton ULTIMATE bedding covers offer high performance, exceptional comfort, and superior quality at an unbeatable price. Lifetime Limited Warranty.

PREMIUM allergy-free bedding features a patented Pristine® barrier fabric with a pore size of only 2.4 microns to block dust mites, eliminate bed bugs, and reduce pet allergens. In addition, PREMIUM covers offer Oeko-Tex® certification to ensure the fabric contains no harmful substances to irritate your skin. Like fine linens, the 100% polyester microfiber has a soft and silky feel for complete sleeping comfort. Lastly, an antimicrobial finish protects the fabric from mildew, stains, and odors. Lifetime Limited Warranty.

STANDARD allergy-free bedding offers protection and comfort at a moderate price. The 100% polyester, 5.8 micron pore size effectively blocks allergens for the relief you need. Furthermore, we incorporate our unique Cleanroom standard construction methods to create encasements with superior quality, excellent value, and long-term durability. 10-Year Limited Warranty.