Allergy Guardian

Allergy Guardian Warranty


Allergy Guardian provides a warranty for our encasing lines, which include Allergy Guardian ULTIMATE, PREMIUM and STANDARD encasings. Vinyl encasings and drawstring encasings are not included under these warranty terms. 


Warranty Period:


  • ULTIMATE and PREMIUM encasings offer a Lifetime Warranty
  • STANDARD encasings offer a 10 year warranty


The Warranty on Allergy Guardian Encasings Covers:


  • Free from any defect in materials
  • No defect in construction and workmanship
  • Warranty applies to product that has been used under normal conditions and manufacturers care instructions have been followed
  • Warranty is only valid for the original purchaser- not transferable or assignable


Warranty Does Not Cover:


  • Encasings that have not been used according to manufacturer’s instructions
  • Encasings that have been altered or repaired by someone other than Allergy Guardian
  • Degree of allergy symptom relief as a result of using the encasings as each person’s response differs 


To Correct Any Problem:


  • Defective covers will either be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Allergy Guardian
  • No other remedy will be offered for incidental or consequential damages


Resolution of Warranty Issues:


  • Warranty item will either be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Allergy Guardian
  • Proof of purchase will be necessary


State Law in Relation to Warranty


  • Allergy Guardian gives specific legal rights but other rights may be applicable and may vary from state to state