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Since you’re here, you’re likely one of the 50 million Americans who suffers from allergies. Allergies have become an increasingly common chronic disease which impacts one in six people. Seasonal or food allergies most often come up when allergies are discussed, however, many people suffer from indoor allergies that impact them at home. Allergens from dust mites, pets and mold at home can cause symptoms throughout the year. It’s our goal to help you reduce these allergens, create a healthier home and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Having allergies is difficult, but the good news is that you’ve discovered the best and most helpful destination for Taking Action Against Allergens.

Allergy Guardian's encasings bring nighttime protection from allergens and/or bed bugs to a new level. Our encasings are made to Cleanroom quality standards, which ensures that allergy sufferers enjoy top quality protection when encasing their bed. Garments that are made for scientific Cleanroom labs must be made from advanced fabrics and to superior quality levels in order to maintain cleanliness and prevent contamination in pharmaceutical production environments. Standards that are used to make these garments are also incorporated into the production of Allergy Guardian encasings. 

We focus on the following attributes when Allergy Guardian encasings are produced:


  • Fabric selection:  What are the most advanced fabrics and which has the smallest pore size.
  • Comfort: Which barrier fabric allows top air permeability (for breathability), gives the best vapor transmission (to allow moisture to pass through the fabric) and has the softest feel. 
  • Construction: Which seams are the most durable, what’s the best number of stitches per inch and more, 
  • Convenience: What is the best closure design to make placement on the bed easier, what features (such as anti-microbial treatments or easy washing) can help the customer care for the encasing.


The team at Allergy Guardian has an extensive background in allergy products and encasing construction. Our expertise means that you'll get the best product at the best value for a healthier night's sleep!  


In addition to our Allergy Guardian encasings, we offer a range of effective products for relief from allergies, asthma, sinusitis, dermatitis and more. We carefully select the effective products found on our Site. With our range of products, Allergy Guardian is your one-stop shop for a healthier home and a healthier lifestyle.  We look forward to helping you Take Action Against Allergens!